Hey, Im
Kent Gloria

A Philippine based SEO expert with different experience in many industries.

About Me

I am an SEO expert in the Philippines, I help clients grow their businesses by following my own optimization process.

I embrace SEO in the Philippines as one of the essential parts of digital marketing. Even other Philippine based SEO experts here assume SEO’s importance. Digital Marketing has become a big thing internationally and in the Philippines. As an SEO expert in the Philippines, it has become my desire to help businesses excel and grow in sales. I know and understand how important this is in the Digital Marketing world. And in the past years of working, I always strive to learn and see every detail as much as possible to achieve every goal I set.

What I Do

On-Page SEO

Modern websites must possess technical proficiency and offer relevant, excellent content that enhances user satisfaction. Achieving this involves developing a top-notch content strategy through a deep understanding of buyer personas and search intent.

Off-pAGe SEO

The authority and ranking progress of a website are influenced by off-page elements. In most SEO efforts, acquiring links is crucial. This involves an outreach process to obtain links from reputable websites, which can include guest blogging, link exchanges, and blog commenting.

Content Writing

Content writing creates engaging, informative material for platforms. It requires research, storytelling, and audience understanding. Using SEO and consistent branding, it drives actions. From blogs to social media, content writing attracts and retains digital audiences.

Wordpress Dev

Wordpress development builds custom websites on different fields. Having a website for a business is a big plus as it makes a customer trust you even more. A website brings character and face for your business. It ensures security, performance, and scalability, driving business growth.

Clients I Worked With

Why Choose A Philippine-based SEO Expert?

As your SEO expert, I will take your online presence to the next level. With my track record of running successful SEO campaigns into different niches, I'll ensure your website ranks higher and attracts the right audience. Also, my understanding of Artificial Intelligence will give you that extra edge in staying ahead of the competition. Let's bring your business to the spotlight together!


Search Engine Optimization
Content Writing
WordPress Development

My Experience


SEO Specialist

I have worked with different clients for the past 2 years. Helping them achieve their goal and ranking in their different fields by following my own SEO process.


Content Writer

I produce optimized and high-quality contents for ranking. In write base on what a client's goal and niche is. I have written more about Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and Travel.


WordPress Development

I have worked with different clients, making a optimized and functional website from scratch.